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this site give you more imformation about box office collection , movie review, upcoming movie information and much more 

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'JOKER' movie reviews

welcome to my review of the latest

controversial comic book movie jokers
directed by todd phillips and stars

joaquin phoenix as arthur fleck a man

who feels disregarded by everyone around

him he works as a sign twirl ER he

points people towards deals dressed up

like a clown he lives in a ratty old

apartment with a sick mother he's often

beaten up on the streets and because of

all this his world slowly begins to

crumble and he finds himself being

pushed towards violence there has been

so much talk and discourse surrounding

this movie and all of it has been a joy

I've loved every minute of it all of the

takes it's been so great the Joker is my

favorite comic book villain ever so

automatically I have a bit of a bias but

in films past as you know whenever that

character was involved in the movie

Batman was also there so there was a

good and evil presence now we're just

focusing on this person and his origin

and at first I was a little adverse to

that because I loved the i…