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The Best Movies reviews of hollywood

is coming to a close as well as my

tenth year on youtube talking about

movies it's been a really really fun

ride and it's once again time to talk

about my favorite films of the year and

these are my personal picks some of

these you aren't gonna agree with

they're gonna be in certain orders that

you might not have put on your list and

that's just how this works

let's get started with my honorable

mentions Rocket Man Taron Egerton gave a

great performance as Elton John ad astra

I fell more concerned about what's on a

character's mind than sci-fi set pieces

Avengers endgame is basically the

pinnacle of what you might expect from

big blockbuster entertainment

peanut-butter Falcon one of the most

heartwarming films of the year ride your

wave my favorite Japanese animation of

the year Joker one of the best

performances ever for a comic book movie

1917 a war film directed to look like

one shot dark waters a movie that

everybody should see about a dangerous

chemical that unfortunately just about

everybody has in their system and Toy

Story 4 some of those movies you may

have expected to be on my actual list

but they're not it doesn't mean I don't

like them in fact I love them there are

just 15 other films that really meant

something to me this year and I've

chosen 15 because this was actually a

really damn good year for movies much

better than last year so let's get

started since the babadook i've been

dying to see a new film from Jennifer

Kent and the nightingale is somehow

everything I wanted while also being a

film I never want to see again

horrifying brutal and completely

unforgiving nearly every scene in this

film turned my stomach featuring an

oscar-worthy turned from Aisling

franchisee this is a gut punch of a film

and a worthy follow-up to a great horror


potentially the most underrated film I

saw this year Official Secrets was

directed by Gavin hood who knows we

didn't really like x-men origins and

that's just fine with him this is the

true story of a British intelligence

officer played by Keira Knightley with

cutthroat intensity who leaked sensitive

information to the press about an

illegal NSA spy operation designed to

push the UN Security Council into

sanctioning the 2003 invasion of Iraq

this true story has a disastrous ripple

effect into modern day and is the kind

of film that gets increasingly harder to

believe as it goes on not due to poor

filmmaking but to the levels of

corruption you witness don't let this

one slip under your radar Adam Sandler

and the safty brothers have made a film

likely to tear your nerves to ribbons

from the sound design in which every

actor constantly yells over the other to

the edit with shots aggressively

bursting onto the screen like an action

movie uncut gems assaults your senses

persistently Sandler gives his best

performance ever if you're watching

Sandman please do more shit like this

aquafina is exceptional as Billy a

Chinese woman who spent many years

living in America who must go along with

a Chinese tradition she's very

uncomfortable with when her family

learns her grandmother is dying they

decide not to inform her and she must

deal with this custom and keep it a

secret while trying to act like

nothing's wrong

Lulu Wang drew from personal experience

translating her own powerfully complex

story to the big screen beautifully

Tyko YTD may be the only filmmaker alive

capable of making a satire that pokes

fun at Nazi Germany Hitler and the

Holocaust if there was an oscar for best

child performance Roman Griffin Davis

would get it his work as a fiercely

indoctrinated fan of Hitler is some of

the best I've seen from a young actor

despite the off-kilter humor and

subject-matter YTD knows how to craft an

emotionally devastating scene in a film

I won't soon forget

Quentin Tarantino was perhaps looking at

himself and Hollywood and wondering

where all the fun went and once upon a

time in Hollywood

Tarantino explores 1969 LA and the

changing scene of the film business

drawing sharp parallels to today and the

dying breed that is Hollywood's prestige

filmmakers unconventional bizarre and

unexpectedly hilarious Tarantino's ninth

film is a total blast in 2019 Rian

Johnson gave us an original whodunit

filled with an impeccable cast and an

enticing mystery he also gave us Chris

Evans in a comfy cozy sweater this genre

has largely been relegated to books and

television in recent decades the few

big-screen mysteries we've gotten mostly

remakes and adaptations so it's

refreshing to see a murder mystery this

fun with a cast of this talented in 2019

I can't wait to see what Johnson does


I've been rallying for Mike Flanagan

since 2013

oculus so to see him given the

opportunity to direct the sequel to The

Shining was very gratifying for me any

director stepping into this world had a

considerable challenge that of honouring

Kubrick's legacy and Kings Flanagan

succeeded with a tense nail-biting

horror film unlike any released in

recent memory he pulls out all his

tricks here unleashing a wave of

well-crafted sequences building to one

of the most satisfying finales of the

year I believe in the coming decade dr.

sleep will be highly regarded amongst

horror buffs as a film deserving of


a sequel nearly 40 years in the making

that pulled off the impossible for

Martin Scorsese to return to the mob

world once again with this pedigree of

actors involved he had to have something

very special and the Irishman delivered

this felt considerably more

contemplative in Scorsese's earlier work

here he meditates on our mortality fear

of death loneliness and the sudden urge

to right the wrongs of our past even

when we know that's impossible

De Niro and Pacino are the best they've

been in years both playing off each

other too exciting even moving effect

but this movie's secret weapon is Pesci

who commands the screen with the

performance that's absolutely ferocious

despite a misleading aura of calm folks

we just don't get movies like this

anymore from Zhang Yimou Helmer of hero

and House of Flying Daggers shadow is

another masterwork of drama romance and

sensational action set-pieces his use of

colour or the lack of it is striking the

costumes and sets are drenched in blacks

and whites reflecting the palette of

Chinese ink wash paintings because of

this color tone the crimson splashes of

blood during the climactic battle has

seldom been this breathtaking this is

one of the most overlooked films of 2019

James Mangold's film about Ken miles and

Carroll Shelby is the rare movie that

can entertain just about anyone from the

bitter most jaded film goer to the

casual viewer Ford V Ferrari has

something for everybody it's not just a

film about cars either at its center is

the inspiring tale of two men willing to

fight against an unforgiving corporate

system just to get the chance to do what

they love if you're passionate about

something odds are this film will remind

you just how hard you're willing to work

to achieve your goals on the surface

marriage story appears to be a

deceptively simple tale but Noah

Baumbach understands the complexities of

divorce and how to showcase the

lesser-known elements of the process in

ways that are equal parts hilarious and

tragic Adam driver and Scarlett

Johansson both give two of the best

performances of the year digging deep to

mine levels of anger and sadness rarely

seen on the screen people talk often

about movies that feel real every moment

of marriage story feels authentic right

to its core after just a few scenes the

boundary between myself and the screen

disappeared and I was swept away

South Korean filmmaker bong joon-ho

gifted us with parasite in 2019 a

crushing social satire about two

families from opposing sides of the

class war he uses clever visual

storytelling to make his points never

force-feeding you his intentions when

one family is gazing at a rainstorm they

find beautiful the other is trudging

down through the city into their flooded

neighborhood that same rainstorm

barreling down on their home parasites

somehow finds a way to be funny

suspenseful and thrilling all presented

with some of the best cinematography of

the year

from French filmmaker Celine sciama

portrait of a lady on fire tells one of

the more original stories of 2019 a

painter hired to paint a portrait of a

woman about to be married must do so in

secret only stealing glances of her

subject while they get to know each

other portrait of a lady on fire is a

ravishing romance and an engrossing tale

of secrets and mystery but it's also

spectacularly shot in pristine 8k the

colors leap off the screen the

performances though are perfect flawless

see Yama's Direction is enchanting every

shot as beautiful as a painting when

this release is wide don't miss it

we've reached that time it's time to

talk about my favorite movie of 2019 I

think most of you know what it is it's

pretty obvious if you've watched my

channel without a doubt the best movie I

saw in 2019 was the fanatic John

Travolta gives a performance for the

ages in fact he's currently doing his

for your consideration campaign for his

incredible work in limp biscuits movie

the fanatic let's be real they should

make a sequel to the fanatic I mean I'd

watch it wouldn't you

for God's sakes I'm of course kidding no

film in 2019 resonated with me more than

Robert Eggers sophomore effort the

lighthouse taking place entirely on an

island amidst a seemingly never-ending

storm this story of two repressed

lighthouse keepers riveted me from start

to finish even though it's a film in

danger of being labeled pretentious

Eggers isn't above a fart joke all at

once suspenseful and hilarious the

lighthouse is almost like the horror

movie version of marriage story two

lonely people who need each other

suffering under the claustrophobia of

their situation it reaches impressive

heights of paranoia and confusion and is

by far the weirdest movie of the year so

naturally I was very taken with it I

mean if I can watch a film where Willem

Dafoe was arguing with Robert Pattinson

because Pattinson has hurt his feelings

about the quality of his

stur meal Hamdani lobster yeah

drunken enough but Jenny then I say mate

you're fond of me lobster that gives me

everything I want in a movie I adored

this film and if you didn't get a chance

to see it please do it's my favorite

movie of 2019 I think it's just fucking


guys thank you so much for watching my

channel for another year it's been

really fun to talk to you guys about

movies and I'm gonna continue to do it

I'm looking forward to January that's

gonna be great guys thank you so much as

always for watching as always if you

liked this you click right here and get

steppen eyes


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