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Panga movie review bollywood movie review in 2020 (English)

Panga movie review

otherwise let's have a picture of him. panga is all about the unfulfilled dreams of a middle-class girl Jernigan which is paid by Kangana Ranawat know. she could not continue a question of playing Kabaddi after marriage because of her added responsibilities of a kid and husband before marriage .she used to be an Indian captain of Kabaddi team and created her own space in sports industry. she walks with an Indian River in Bhopal city and lives with her husband Prashant. which is played by the signal and son Adi. which is played by yoga passing menu which is played by a recharger dog and the close friend of Jaya. who used to play Kabaddi with her in the same team of some twists and turning points. just son Adi comes to know about an past background so he insists his mom to follow her passion to know whether. Jo could do the comeback in sports to fulfill her dreams or not you must see this film now talk about the screenplay and dialogues screenplay and dialogues are the real USP of the film. which is beautifully written this is a mind-blowing story of a common man. who are married and having a kid any middle-class married couple can relate this movie with your own life. somewhere this story touches the reality of a common man living in a small town.

 Now talking about the music .

the music of Shankar Ehsaan Loy and score by Sachin and uncle Melara are simply good. all the music does not have much notes to play in this film. but to the large extent it. impresses the audience now talk about the acting part come down off as usual has performed very nicely. I judge a Anakim she is the center of attraction in the film actually and apart from Kangana the actors like Rita tada the seagull I'm Neena Gupta have also justified. their roles in this film child artist yogev Asin has really impressed the audience with his mind going perform. his dialogues are very much situational and delivered so beautifully. that no one can stop laughing on his dialogues. so overall every artists have justified their roles in this film.

Now talking about the verdict director 

actually hired ivory as once again proved that she and only she can direct such a movie such a beautiful movie can be directed by a she named Emily. so almost every aspect of the movie touches the heart of the audience the outstanding screenplay increases the beauty of the film. this story is very much relatable and any common man can relate this story with your own life.
          especially the middle-class young married couple this is a must watch movie. so it can be strongly recommended to see at least once I would like to give four star out of five .


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