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2020 War movie | Bollywood Movie Review

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never miss an update war is a battle won

by beauty specifically

Hritik Roshan escapes as special agent

Kabir the actor is back to putting his

dazzling good looks and suave style into

service the way he did in his debut film

Kahuna pay our hair and whom to director

Siddharth Anand and this film odd just

has mesmerized by him as we are so in

one scene Hrithik just walks out of

helicopter he doesn't even run like

sharp candid in kabhi khushi kabhie gham

but everyone including the colonel Kabir

reports to its transfixed

Kabir sideburns are gray his face is

lined and lacerated but this only adds

to his weathered gorgeousness later in

the film when a girl offers to run away

with Kabir his junior college says get

in luck is yours departure Oh Stephanie

map departure on the wrong horse Khalid

is no slouch either Tiger Shroff's

ripped ABS get their own moment of glory

but thankfully in this film the actor

isn't only relying on his physical

prowess the role has more complexities

than the usual Tiger movie and the actor

delivers it also helps the tiger is a

self-professed lithic month so the

admiration you see in Colin's eyes is

genuine Kabir is all about swag and

Colin is all about sincerity they

complete each other in wars and how it

gets a chance to make a film with two of

Hindi cinema's best action heroes but

mercifully he backs the propulsive

action with the story of course war is a

popcorn entertainer and you can't ask

too many questions

but if you're willing to suspend

disbelief the twists and turns exert a

solid grip the story bicep heart and

producer other tere Chopra and the

screenplay by Siddharth and Schreiber

Raghavan borders on silly but it never

topples over the film also offers a trip

to all the places you might have on your

bucket list from Kerala to Bondi Beach

in Australia to Portugal each location

has been shot like a glassy tourism

catalog my dear big Benjamin Jasper

umpteen overhead shots underlined the

scale of the film and the money that was

spent for action directors worked on

this movie for Jennings who did the Dark

Knight OC Young who did Avengers age of

Ultron France PI house who did depth

race Inferno and perv a sheikh who did

Tigers in life these men create

distinctive set pieces so we get a

motorcycle chase an airplane battle and

this two minute thirty second young

bone-crunching sequence in which color

is introduced there's also a massively

mounted climactic sequence on an

ice-breaking ship but whether it's land

sea or air Hrithik and Tiger make the

action convincing

I like that their characters aren't

unbreakable we see them bleed and get

exhausted momentarily at least they seem

fallible war isn't trying for depth but

the story isn't afraid of being slightly

more twisty the film is too long and the

post interval portion say they remember

what I've taught you

luckily there's not many so Chara

in places the narration gets clumsy

there's a flashback within a flashback

and the songs are force fitted in fact

the background music by sunchat belharra

and uncle belharra has more impact than

the two songs by Vishal Shekar this is

of course a testosterone heavies

universe the women Monica por Soni

Razdan and Priya Goenka briefly saunter

in to provide the emotional Center but

war is very much a bromance with

sparkles because Hrithik and Tyga are

combative without being competitive I

had a very good time I think you will do

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